Throw this blessed life away, the world has blinded you from all its wonder. In the dirt you crawl for meaning in the streets we fight for nothing at all. We treat trash like treasure and lives like pawns. The world is falling apart but you turn the other cheek.
But we blame everything but ourselves the earth is dying and we have nowhere else to go, when will we wake up? when will we join the raging revolution?
I've been so far down below and nothing will save me now. I am so far behind
no one will look for me again and of all the things I used to believe, this is something I will always regret. Of course you’ll die alone, of course we'll celebrate your death, we will hang you from the highest tree. We are the sound, we still have no voice of course we’ll fight back, one day the world will fight back. We’ll burn the churches and hang the bastards, hang the bastards. im not a fucking martyr but I’m not blessed with blindness, how can you not feel it in your heart? I will watch you burn.




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The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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