Words, Fights, Liars and Life

by The Name of a Ghost

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Chris Erised Giacca
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Chris Erised Giacca If August Burns Red and I Killed The Prom Queen had a baby, that baby would probably be called "Lazarus Peony" or some other half religious half vegan BS. This band should henceforth rename themselves Lazarus Peony. Good EP. Favorite track: Lannisters Don't Act Like Fools.
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released October 3, 2014



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The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Addiction
I thought I could save you from yourself. Sheepishly you wear a cross like a crown. Imagine a world without you here. You speak in tongues to argue what you cannot prove. Keep breathing in your addiction. And when the plague spreads the scripture will be your antidote, I won’t get on my knees I’ll run for my fucking life. I’m not waiting for a saviour. How could I have been so blind not to see that you were leading me astray, blindfolded and led to my end, everyone is out to get me. So burn what’s left of me, and send me out to sea, so I will never haunt you again. You stand against me now, your words against my eyes. They will sing songs of how I cut you down. Death takes us all and I’m fighting for my life, grasping at my neck I’m slowly choking, I won’t’ be stopped I am a godless man, don’t pray for me I’m already damned.
Track Name: Words, Fights, Liars and Life
My faith is in the words of those who stay true, forever your words become a part of you, always chase your dreams its worth it in the end, you can change the world with your own two fucking hands. I miss you all I’m so afraid that I will never get home. Resist the thought, remind myself I am here to teach you all that I am not the person you think I am. You think your words are prophetic, but your stories pathetic, you’re blinding a generation. Get the book and now burn it, yeah fuck you I said it, I’m freeing a generation. Imagine the end of the world we live in, man hates man for the colour of his skin. We all hate ourselves like we’re told to. I’m searching for something more than that. Stagnancy in your words, breathing out messages of ill hope. Well wishing to demons that sting my eyes with mentions of their place. My heart is fuelled by the flames of discontent.
Through the eyes of a killer, we see the wrongs of this world. Ignore them, deceive ourselves. Death in the family we decide to stand for something, mother fucker you stand for nothing. Let me spit a little shit over this. Words. Fights. Liars. Life.
Track Name: Greenseer
A gun to the side of your head, pull tight the noose around your neck, it must feel good to know you can take your life tonight. (Burn your own bodies a cowards way out, but that’s always been your fashion.) I will leave and when I return you won’t be here, regret not saying these words, I love you/I miss you. Missing for years never found, a story with no end in sight. I will close the door on you, I will wash my hands of this, I will mess. I will drown my fears in your blood. I saw you die tonight, I saw your body burning, I saw the snow fall and bury your bones. If I could pray I wouldn’t pray for you. I have nothing you can take from me. I can’t think of words to explain how I need you here, I’ll say it out loud. I hear you/I’m listening. Sadness is a disease I feel it just like you. Don’t be so selfish you must hear me out. (Always backing away from the final battle Throwing in the towel at ever opportunity. You’ll never amount to anything. Better off taking the easy route The words of a true spoken coward. Man the fuck up and hit the wall head on. Give me the gun I’ll pull the fucking trigger myself.)
Track Name: Lannisters Don't Act Like Fools
My life depends on this day, so far north I can’t remember how to get home. I still see these faces, I still see these banners they mean nothing to me.
I bleed for my King but I don’t believe in his Gods. I walk alone cause I know I won’t get home. Call me heartless but this is part of me, I feel so left behind. But nothing was ever promised to me. I am owed nothing. Wolves follow their leader into the mouth of the Lion, we all bleed the same way we all die alone. Like Lions we hunt the weak, searching out our pray living like kings, only to be the hands that feed. Of course I remember that day, I was young but I still cried the same way, I still remember the things you taught me. Kill your enemies don’t let them see your weakness, we all bleed the same way we all die alone. The bells they ring. A death of a king. A city under siege. A wedding. The horror. The bells they tell my story. I can hear them ringing in my mind. The world is burning itself alive, and I will never see your face again. I felt a knife in my back. Honour is what killed me.