I Called Your Name But All You Heard Was Static

by The Name of a Ghost

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released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Million Dead
i called your name but all you heard was static. A scream so loud, the bleakest soul could hear me. You looked away and darkness took your place. We were alone but all I felt was sadness. Growing pains made me the man I am, I am a mockery of everything I stood for. The sunshine still wakes me, with dusty light i choke to life. I don’t hope for tragedy. I don’t wish for death. Dissonant winds blow whispers in my eyes. Gradually we let go of the past before us. Surrounded by neglect, consumed by ignorance you bear your arms, you bear your arms. I call out and static is all I speak. You don't hear me but I can hear you loud and clear. I'm such a burden and I know what it's like to be a ghost, floating by I am a shadow on the wall. Erase me and let me disappear. The blackest black, the darkest night. Come to terms with being alone and you will survive
death creeps in and takes its rightful place, I will meet my fears face to face to face. Disrespect is a common thread you sew, seeds of contempt stop the rivers flow.
I’ll never forget the pain you caused me, I’ll silence you all, I’ll silence myself.
 The rainfall comes, monsoons and you hide away. Flooded again and you run the river dry. Sucking and sucking the soil erodes with ease. Leave a legacy for this earth and we will see that you failed.
Track Name: Blessed & Blind
Throw this blessed life away, the world has blinded you from all its wonder. In the dirt you crawl for meaning in the streets we fight for nothing at all. We treat trash like treasure and lives like pawns. The world is falling apart but you turn the other cheek.
But we blame everything but ourselves the earth is dying and we have nowhere else to go, when will we wake up? when will we join the raging revolution?
I've been so far down below and nothing will save me now. I am so far behind
no one will look for me again and of all the things I used to believe, this is something I will always regret. Of course you’ll die alone, of course we'll celebrate your death, we will hang you from the highest tree. We are the sound, we still have no voice of course we’ll fight back, one day the world will fight back. We’ll burn the churches and hang the bastards, hang the bastards. im not a fucking martyr but I’m not blessed with blindness, how can you not feel it in your heart? I will watch you burn.
Track Name: Burn The Rivers (Feat. Sean Prior)
The sun never rose again that day, all life and love withered away. All the trees sank into the ground all the naive got to their knees and prayed. Masses fell then the fighting began. Dying easily because they waited for a sign. Birds fell from the skies, the sea boiled itself dry. I ran for my life and the darkness consumed me. The end is near.
The day has finally come, the end of all we love, no god to save us no heaven to take us, we all die alone. There's nothing left to fear, cause hell has met us here and now you know your time was wasted. They started to burn the rivers and the skies filled with terror. One that you could not name. The sky started to fall so I waited for you here. Darkness engulfed the earth. Poison took those that prayed. I heard the screams of the ignorant "why have you forsaken me?" I knew that this was not from a God above. The earth was fighting back like it hated us! No-one came to save us. Nothing ever came of your prayers, run for your fucking life. The earth started to shout and i saw you in the distance. My ears bled but I found you my love. The end of human ruination, a sigh of relief came over the universe and we let it consume us.
Track Name: Sort Me Out Geezer (Feat. Jared Bray)
Do I breathe or am I already dead? Chasing gold and silver until the sunlight leaves again. Rat race, cattle in a factory all this static is becoming smoke in my lungs. Take me under, take me away. The haze enraptures me again, like an old friend the darkness warms my soul. Finally I see clarity in my mind, I’ll take the long road to get where i need to go. A culture of prohibition and hypocrisy, the only thing I know is I can set fire to my mind, wake up feeling worse for wear. I’m stealing happiness from tomorrow. I’ll die young and I stole it all from myself. Ancient text and burial grounds speak of a higher mental state. Burning trees we give in to ironic conformity, you speak with venom in your mouth, swallow your pride and watch your eyes bleed. Over and over repeat the same words. Focus on the void, cross over to the other side. Demons inside me are asleep again, I can finally rest from this hell inside of me.
Track Name: Disconnect, Disassociate
I refuse to let history repeat itself, we will not be controlled like generations before.
Taught what to think. Told where my words belong Your life is one, there are no others.
Don't conform, destroy the black and white views of the world. I'm not here to observe.
I’ve said it before that I am not like you at all, i am not fooled easily, I am not one to take the fall. Disconnect, disassociate from the world wants to enslave you. Speak out against the lies that persuade the masses to believe in hate. Disconnect, disassociate from the world that decides your fate. Speak out, we cannot let these demons in again. I will not be trapped within a fucking lie. You can’t control the ones that refuse, resist.
Prying open eyes of unbelievers, spreading discontent. Your life is one, there are no others. We do not mourn, we celebrate the dead. i have disconnected from this normality. You pigs live like kings but die like ants, you’ll never hear the end of my fucking chant.
Track Name: Poison Tongue (Feat. Luke Harriss)
Consistently you speak in a poison tongue. You let the world let you down many years before. Day to day I see you wary from chains tied to your feat. I am free, you cannot trap me. You’re waiting for the perfect moment. It passed a million times. Waiting for the roses to be red again. A shame all the flowers were frozen to death. They’ll never sing songs about you, no memory. Burning flags on your grave, there will be no fucking funeral only a celebration. Your pyre will be a reclamation. Too familiar to run from, breathing in I remember all those years we spent waiting for things to change.No memory. Not even worth an afterthought. Chained to an unhealthy lot, iron rusts and you fucking rot. No life, no chance for a revolution, but it's fucking coming. Oh I can feel it, I can feel it in my bones, there will be no peaceful revolution.