Sort Me Out Geezer (Feat. Jared Bray)

from by The Name of a Ghost



Do I breathe or am I already dead? Chasing gold and silver until the sunlight leaves again. Rat race, cattle in a factory all this static is becoming smoke in my lungs. Take me under, take me away. The haze enraptures me again, like an old friend the darkness warms my soul. Finally I see clarity in my mind, I’ll take the long road to get where i need to go. A culture of prohibition and hypocrisy, the only thing I know is I can set fire to my mind, wake up feeling worse for wear. I’m stealing happiness from tomorrow. I’ll die young and I stole it all from myself. Ancient text and burial grounds speak of a higher mental state. Burning trees we give in to ironic conformity, you speak with venom in your mouth, swallow your pride and watch your eyes bleed. Over and over repeat the same words. Focus on the void, cross over to the other side. Demons inside me are asleep again, I can finally rest from this hell inside of me.




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The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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