i called your name but all you heard was static. A scream so loud, the bleakest soul could hear me. You looked away and darkness took your place. We were alone but all I felt was sadness. Growing pains made me the man I am, I am a mockery of everything I stood for. The sunshine still wakes me, with dusty light i choke to life. I don’t hope for tragedy. I don’t wish for death. Dissonant winds blow whispers in my eyes. Gradually we let go of the past before us. Surrounded by neglect, consumed by ignorance you bear your arms, you bear your arms. I call out and static is all I speak. You don't hear me but I can hear you loud and clear. I'm such a burden and I know what it's like to be a ghost, floating by I am a shadow on the wall. Erase me and let me disappear. The blackest black, the darkest night. Come to terms with being alone and you will survive
death creeps in and takes its rightful place, I will meet my fears face to face to face. Disrespect is a common thread you sew, seeds of contempt stop the rivers flow.
I’ll never forget the pain you caused me, I’ll silence you all, I’ll silence myself.
 The rainfall comes, monsoons and you hide away. Flooded again and you run the river dry. Sucking and sucking the soil erodes with ease. Leave a legacy for this earth and we will see that you failed.




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The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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