Burn The Rivers (Feat. Sean Prior)

from by The Name of a Ghost



The sun never rose again that day, all life and love withered away. All the trees sank into the ground all the naive got to their knees and prayed. Masses fell then the fighting began. Dying easily because they waited for a sign. Birds fell from the skies, the sea boiled itself dry. I ran for my life and the darkness consumed me. The end is near.
The day has finally come, the end of all we love, no god to save us no heaven to take us, we all die alone. There's nothing left to fear, cause hell has met us here and now you know your time was wasted. They started to burn the rivers and the skies filled with terror. One that you could not name. The sky started to fall so I waited for you here. Darkness engulfed the earth. Poison took those that prayed. I heard the screams of the ignorant "why have you forsaken me?" I knew that this was not from a God above. The earth was fighting back like it hated us! No-one came to save us. Nothing ever came of your prayers, run for your fucking life. The earth started to shout and i saw you in the distance. My ears bled but I found you my love. The end of human ruination, a sigh of relief came over the universe and we let it consume us.




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The Name of a Ghost Brisbane, Australia

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